3 Prongs in the Fountain

I took electricity
and made my Country, Tis of Thee
and plugged it into mountains wide
and filled up caves with rotting hides
No crime was here, I oft declared
no crime here, just some naked bears
When spring came, they stirred and rose
and looked to put on furry clothes
I scrambled, blinking, into the sun
I found that I was everyone
And everything itself was me
I took again, electricity
In front of me? the older priests
drunk on blood of older feasts
behind me? weapons of life
my hollow guns, my bowie knife
America!  I ooze and howl
America!  So fair and fowl!
So radiant, so cold and pure
The rivers crashing, without cure 
The current and the mad monks raging
particles of god arranging
the violence poured, into the night
I basked in rotting rays of light
I cannot climb again so far
To weep and dance with distant stars
No memory lives past heaven’s gate
No memory and no talk of fate