Mortaljive: The Rest is Silence

There is no still point in all the Universe, and that is the rock upon which I stand

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

That Particular Moment

when you understand that you are god
oh, my


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Approximate Locale, Inc.

describing particle physics
to a memory of Spain
on a wet Saturday
in Portland

it goes like this:
see, you didn't exist
but you actually did
and now you chase me
but it's not me
and i'm not there anyway

cue Miles Davis
cue miracles


Saturday, February 25, 2017

i'm feeling it oddly


not every illness can sing
not every cancer can travel to jupiter

when all the air leaves the room
it is replaced by dull relatives
and cups of nervy coffee
so sorry for your loss, they grinned
so sorry for your cookies

death is strange because life is strange
by its presence, all at once
and by its absence
as it travels to jupiter


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Exercise in Forgiveness

pretend your knees don't hurt when you run
run madly
pretend your eyes can see the edge of the world
see clearly
pretend that it's okay to pretend
pretend well


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stupid Sty

it fell upon the face of us
the people of the west
a mere annoyance, a trifle, thus
a pimple, a mere pest

true, it landed 'neath the brow
clouding visage to our eye
we hoped it would depart from us
this noxious yellow sty

compresses were applied on top
and held against the lid
to loosen up the purulence
so of this beast be rid

but this was not an ordinary
interloper in the night
once it landed, set up shop
and stayed quite out of spite

what is your beef? the nation cried
what is your chief complaint?
why will you not be quit of us?
be you sinner or a saint?

the sty was cagey, it did not stir
it uttered not a word
which is probably just as well
lest i write of singing turds

the sty is now the governor
and could be president
it could take our house from us
and charge us double rent

it all just goes to show us all
we should be gracious in our fate
if you've got a pimply eye
postpone important dates


Friday, January 13, 2017

Sale Pending

our backyard got really high this week:

i went outside to talk it down
but it laughed and went next door
i did not follow it

one day, when we sell the house
someone is going to ask
"where's the backyard?"
and i'll point at the neighbor's house
and scream horribly

fucking realtors


Saturday, December 03, 2016

Existential Apiary

hello, said the bee
i've come today
to collect me some pollen
and then fly away

i'll fly to the hive
to visit the queen
her drones guard the way
assholes supreme

i'll develop a plan
to hide in the halls
when all is quiet
i'll rub my balls

i'll rub my balls
releasing a scent
the queen will respond
she'll know what i meant

well, that was the plan
but i ran out of money
so it's back to work
producing the honey

such is the life
of this sad honey bee
but it's not so bad
at least i'm not free


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Portland Oregon November 10th 2016

the talking man on my computer
bringing tales of brass and pewter
still he hides the country in the back
people marching in the street
standing where the shadows greet
the hollows where the ancient ones fall back

into the fractures
into the labyrinth
into the fractures
into the dark

buckets of pure adrenaline
drunk by vagabonds like gin
looking for a favor or a foe
standing in the city streets
turning forward, or retreat
no one's left who knows just where to go

into the fractures
into the labyrinth
into the fractures
into the dark

like jesus
like andromeda
like disneyland
like america
like the beggars
who keep begging evermore

someone played the mandolin
someone sang of rapturin'
someone broke the window on the ford
they crossed bridges where the millionaires
drank snifters filled without a care
the banks would never snip the bloody cord

into the fractures
into the labyrinth
into the fractures
into the dark

like jesus
like andromeda
like disneyland
like america
like the beggars
who keep begging evermore


Saturday, October 22, 2016

At last, just like ambrosia

i’ve leaned in to lennon
danced to tom waits
walked in the moonlight
a skull as my fate
music’s the river
lyrics the lake
but when the dam opens
that fool took the cake
we eat it like ambrosia

shakespeare’s the poet
joyce is the dream
guthrie a vagabond
who riled the team
the leaves are of grass
the androids serene
no one is lifted
in this digital scheme
we eat it like ambrosia

too many to mention
too few to leave out
too many emotions
retreat in a rout
but weaving in wonder
and waving the wand
is america’s mystic
our own blond on blond
we eat him like ambrosia

so turn up your heels
fall down to your knees
sway in the wind
laugh in the breeze
we once had a fella
who sang with a twang
bob dylan, bob dylan
when at last the bell rang
when at last and at last
when at last and again
at last, just like ambrosia


Friday, October 21, 2016


god made the underwear
and god made the tea
god made the slimy slug
he made sean hannity

god made the universe
kind of like a b&b
god made a mess of things
but god made the trees
so god can't be completely awful