Mortaljive: The Rest is Silence

There is no still point in all the Universe, and that is the rock upon which I stand

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A doll's love

What frightens people these days? Guns? Despair? 
An iPhone that won't work? 

A tried and true gimmick of Hollywood horror films was often a slow, deliberate pan of a musty room, and then in a corner of the scene, just catching some dim, smoky light, a burnished gold sunbeam with dust motes reeling and spinning
--what is revealed is a silent, vacantly-staring doll--an antique perhaps, a decaying toy from a different era, a doll whose silence wasn't poetic, rather it was ghoulish, foreboding. 

This is the past that tugged at the viewer, turned the fear inside out, and whether it's a personal moment of regret or a collective, subconscious dread of the past in general we sense that it is late in the hour--

maybe we shouldn't be in this room, because something we won't be able to control wants very much to go bump in the darkness. 

Have a nice night.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Burn all the flowers

i am a virus
i like your iris
i want to hold you in bed

i am a satyr
you have hit paydirt
listen to all that i've said

the needle is pointing
while we sit anointing
the fire that burns up the west

hold me tonight, love
push comes to your shove
give me your loving, the best

burn, burn, burn all the flowers
burn all the hours
burn all the dreams
burn all the dreams
play with the ashes instead
you are so pretty
it will be a pity
we burned it all down 
just like you said
just like you said
we burned it all down
just like you said

i am a master
at running things faster
at making the gears all go round

we sold all the hardware
at a yard sale in Delaware
now is the time you go down
now is the time you go down

(repeat chorus)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

We Follow God's Plan

welcome to the country
welcome to our land
get 'em a drink, boys
strike up the band
here in our brotherhood
sisterhood too
show 'em the love
the love that is true

take some to memphis
take some to nome
dance in the moonlight
preach about rome
from laredo to fargo
from tucson to el lay
show them a good time
then send 'em away

bullets and murder
screams in the glass
bullets and murder
and kiss my ass
bullets and murder
blood on the sand
guns for the babies
we follow god's plan

drive to the desert
with god in the trunk
duct tape and whiskey
will put out his spunk
i've got some fuses
ole bill has a tank
send god to the angels
we'll go to the bank

(repeat chorus)

america, sweet demon
so frightened and mad
eyes made of moonbeams
hearts made of sad
broken and crawling
to the edge of the dream
america, sweet demon
take one for the team

(repeat chorus)

Monday, July 06, 2015

some lyrics just want to die

the heat was the mother for a month of days
the parking lot was smoking
and the killer was fazed
smoke came out his nose like dragon fire
son, get in line and sing to the choir

the call came in for a stiff in a box
we got two johnnies
to go pick up the fox
sent them for a drive on the two-thirteen
knock on the door and step into the dream

 hey you boys, you from the funeral home
pick up the body and play musical bones
pick up the gold watch, pick up the gun
everybody pickin' when they go on the run


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Some say

sometimes the toadstools are happy
sometimes the toadstools are sad
sometimes they grow into monsters
some say that it's only a fad


Thursday, May 21, 2015

So many uses for tape

there is invisible tape all over the world
holding broken things together
sealing envelopes and ideas
making tatters last until midnight

before music went back to being just an idea
it ran its notes on tape
and the tape was a river of sound

perhaps i will go to a park
and tape the sunset to the jungle gym
or to the swings, burning my hands
to become just another death

maybe dogs will put bark at my feet
and i will tape their jowling words
to the wind 


Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing the Drama That You Paid For!!

i am also a camera
taking moving pictures of the world
making stories out of them:

at night i run the projector
through infinity

when we see something unusual
we delete it
but no one seems to notice

my stunt double
is just some guy with a mirror
and pads


Saturday, May 09, 2015

How's the thing that is?

it was a brilliant morning
smart, bright, clever

it was so uniquely marvelous
i wanted to show it off to some friends
so i went away and came back one year later
having worked to gain friends

when i returned
the new morning was just okay
and the friends were difficult for me to relate to

if tonight is stellar i will hide in my room


Sunday, April 26, 2015


full score of years had wriggled forth
from cloak and and hood and fist
the specter of the chosen men
on down its leg did piss

when you hang the hanger
or whip the cracking master
ladies faint on summer chairs
their faces broken plaster

the hoods no longer needed
as the south girds up its loins
dive into its fountains
for a haul of deadly coins

the ships that brought the black man
still glide upon the seas
but now they are just freighters
with boxcars at full speed

the dead are rotten timber
the skin a rotten trick
dive ye down to plunder
golden coins are yours to nick

sell the slaves at harbor
drive them to the town
sell them, sell them, sell them after
the god of love has drowned

alone, the hooded master
hangs from a quiet tree
the leaves will fall in autumn
no more slaves will come for me


*Original art by BANKSY


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


try not to think of the elephant