Mortaljive: The Rest is Silence

There is no still point in all the Universe, and that is the rock upon which I stand

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When We Said Our Last Goodbyes

i spent the days in desert rays, i spent the days looking to the west
i charted the direction where the sun was always showing best
i camped in the high desert, where the coyotes all howl
we drank wine beside the fire and discussed the fair and fowl
we took the box of ashes and let the ashes fly
we sang up to the stars burning in the sky
we burned up all the wood when we said our last goodbyes

i pulled up stakes that morning, and drove just like a miner leaves a cave
the bandit and the sheriff were shooting all the asphalt dead away
i should have stopped for coffee, and thought my next move out
but i just made a big right turn and drove beyond the borders of my doubt
i drove on past the branches of trees all long since died
headed north for forests and volcanoes still alive
i burned the gasoline when we said our last goodbyes
i drove all day in silence, and then the dust storms came
tumbleweeds and maniacs out on the freeway playing games
i drove through yellow oxygen and waved to old Tom Joad
you may leave the west but you can never leave its code
i made it to the sunset, and wiped my history from my eyes
inside the body of the dark is where the mystery still lies
i set a match to history when we said our last goodbyes

i made it to the forests, i made it to the rivers and the streams
i stepped outside of paradise and landed in the center of a dream
the rain was like a partner, always ready, never late
it washed away the dust and carried precious secrets of my fate
i went into the wild and saw that everything was wise
i carry the desert with me inside a beautiful disguise
i vanished into paradise when we said our last goodbyes




god wears all the masks


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Welcome Me Back

i am emotion on a railroad track
i am a victim who is under attack
the night is coming and i'm fading to black
will i burn brightly in the land of the dead
will i understand whatever is said
welcome me home
welcome me home
welcome me back

i found my girl on the outskirts of town
she is a mirror and i am a clown
if i could hold her i would lay her down
i could vanish in the land of the dead
i am a ghost in her bed
i am a ghost in her bed
welcome me home
welcome me home
welcome me back

listen to the prophets drinking down at the bar
listen to the diva and throw tips in her jar
listen to the poets who fall down on their knees
listen, listen, listen please
listen, listen, listen please

i am the grifter who is working too hard
i am the business man, here is my card
i am the prisoner and you are my guard
i am a ghost in the crime
i am doing my time
welcome me home
welcome me home
welcome me back

(repeat chorus)

i am the moment when the sun goes down
i am the fracture when you hit the ground
i am the silence that surrounds the sound
i am a lover in the land of the dead
i am a ghost in your bed
i am a ghost in your bed
welcome me home
welcome me home
welcome me back

welcome me home
welcome me home
welcome me back


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Earth Mother Day

she was already in the rocks
in the tusks of the great mammoths
and in the labyrinth, in the caves

from her blood flowed
and her womb was god
and the children were born of her

her song came from her skin, from her hair
from eyes and lips and breasts
and bird-like cries, and tears

the men saw this magic, this power
meetings were held, pledges made, oaths sworn
they would organize and vanquish, and gain the world

the men spoke of sin and father in heaven
and laid dirt on the graves of venus
she slept in the earthen tombs, perfect

she waited for thousands of years
and is found silent, mute, still
your father is dead, she purrs
your father is gone


Friday, May 10, 2013

Apartment Matrix #219

while you were puzzling
while you were in cogitation's thrall
the trees were in a symphony
manifestly dancing down the hall

Monday, May 06, 2013

Walk Right Out

i said goodbye to the monuments of madness
i waved adieu to the shrines of the insane
i tipped my hat to the monitors of mischief
that sit on the porch inside my brain

i wait for dusk to wipe away the hunger
i wait for night to silence all the pain
i hope to meet all the paupers at the banquet
i've been told they will be dining on sugar cane

walk right out
walk into the mystery
walk right out
stomp into the night
walk right out
and do a little tap dance
rake your toes
into the shifting sands

i drive to the top of crumbling tectonics
i go to the edge of the estranging plates
i sing songs at the end of the continent
i play along for the established rates

i lift my trowel and plant the last garden
i place the seeds in the furrows of our fortunate fate
i break my vows and copulate with sirens
when these grow they will lock up all the gates

(repeat chorus)

mad dances, sad trances
take your chances
take your fate