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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh, Chris Matthews

Via Correntewire.


Reverend Accuses Jesus the Christ of Defrauding Investors, Gaming Energy Markets

From CNN.

The Reverend Dr. Bill Lawson compared Lay with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ, and said his name would eventually be cleared.

Jesus hates your pension.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Joe Lieberman Set to Run as a Dependent

New Joe Lieberman Mascot Supports More Than the Troops


(Jivester News, Lmtd.) In what major, major media pundits are describing as "a spelling change" Senator Joeseph Lieberman has declared his intention to run as a "Dependent" should he lose Connecticut's Democratic primary in August. Lieberman had previously threatened to run as Yoda of the Visigoths or Droopy Among the War Mongers before settling on the Dependent Party. Asked what the change would mean in terms of his candidacy, Joe made a bowel-movement sound and quickly blamed it on his opponent, Ned Lamont.

No further information was made available. Nor should it be.