When We Said Our Last Goodbyes

i spent the days in desert rays, i spent the days looking to the west
i charted the direction where the sun was always showing best
i camped in the high desert, where the coyotes all howl
we drank wine beside the fire and discussed the fair and fowl
we took the box of ashes and let the ashes fly
we sang up to the stars burning in the sky
we burned up all the wood when we said our last goodbyes

i pulled up stakes that morning, and drove just like a miner leaves a cave
the bandit and the sheriff were shooting all the asphalt dead away
i should have stopped for coffee, and thought my next move out
but i just made a big right turn and drove beyond the borders of my doubt
i drove on past the branches of trees all long since died
headed north for forests and volcanoes still alive
i burned the gasoline when we said our last goodbyes
i drove all day in silence, and then the dust storms came
tumbleweeds and maniacs out on the freeway playing games
i drove through yellow oxygen and waved to old Tom Joad
you may leave the west but you can never leave its code
i made it to the sunset, and wiped my history from my eyes
inside the body of the dark is where the mystery still lies
i set a match to history when we said our last goodbyes

i made it to the forests, i made it to the rivers and the streams
i stepped outside of paradise and landed in the center of a dream
the rain was like a partner, always ready, never late
it washed away the dust and carried precious secrets of my fate
i went into the wild and saw that everything was wise
i carry the desert with me inside a beautiful disguise
i vanished into paradise when we said our last goodbyes