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Monday, October 05, 2015

Obama's Smirk

"Obama's Smirk"--the Cheshire cat of political expressions. Long after this mixed race Hawaiian President leaves the stage that smirk of his shall remain, haunting the hallways of DC, appearing of a sudden outside the offices of the factually impaired, mocking, mocking, mocking the racists and the petty fools. His grinning maw will become the stuff of legend, a story to tell the young ones to keep them in line, to frighten them at bedtime. The last of it shall be seen as the swamp waters rise on K Street, when the nation's capital becomes the murky lagoon it always was. The smirk's greatest fault was it could not reach all the way into the marrow of the South, where, as Lincoln had released the slaves, yet Obama could not release from bondage the bitter sinews of bigotry, fear and false pride that was the inheritance of those who would rule other men. Those prisoners of history, haunted but unmoved, would burn the South down before they could look in the mirror and see clearly what they truly were, after the bluster and contempt had settled, after the shaking fists, the tantrums, the ruinous plottings had subsided. For in that mirror, staring back at them, was the subtlest of smiles--some say smirk--of our nation's first mixed race Hawaiian president. Mahalo, motherfuckers.


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