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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A doll's love

What frightens people these days? Guns? Despair? 
An iPhone that won't work? 

A tried and true gimmick of Hollywood horror films was often a slow, deliberate pan of a musty room, and then in a corner of the scene, just catching some dim, smoky light, a burnished gold sunbeam with dust motes reeling and spinning
--what is revealed is a silent, vacantly-staring doll--an antique perhaps, a decaying toy from a different era, a doll whose silence wasn't poetic, rather it was ghoulish, foreboding. 

This is the past that tugged at the viewer, turned the fear inside out, and whether it's a personal moment of regret or a collective, subconscious dread of the past in general we sense that it is late in the hour--

maybe we shouldn't be in this room, because something we won't be able to control wants very much to go bump in the darkness. 

Have a nice night.


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