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Saturday, July 25, 2015

We Follow God's Plan

welcome to the country
welcome to our land
get 'em a drink, boys
strike up the band
here in our brotherhood
sisterhood too
show 'em the love
the love that is true

take some to memphis
take some to nome
dance in the moonlight
preach about rome
from laredo to fargo
from tucson to el lay
show them a good time
then send 'em away

bullets and murder
screams in the glass
bullets and murder
and kiss my ass
bullets and murder
blood on the sand
guns for the babies
we follow god's plan

drive to the desert
with god in the trunk
duct tape and whiskey
will put out his spunk
i've got some fuses
ole bill has a tank
send god to the angels
we'll go to the bank

(repeat chorus)

america, sweet demon
so frightened and mad
eyes made of moonbeams
hearts made of sad
broken and crawling
to the edge of the dream
america, sweet demon
take one for the team

(repeat chorus)


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Lowell said...

Well, if you've read some of my poems you knew I'd love this one! So many gods, though, and so many plans! Fortunately, we have the Donald to show us the way.

Thanks for your comment about "Gold." :)


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