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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays from DNA Central

You know Tammuz and Mithras
Dionysus and Odin
Attis and Horus
And the horse you rode in on
But dare you recall
The most famous team of them all?

Santa and Baby Jesus
Came to cure the solstice blues
Worked on their act in Egypt
On the Nile Carnival Cruise

All of the other saviors
Used to laugh and call them dips
They mocked dear Santa/Jesus
And tried to kick them off the ship

Then one shoddy news network
Had their anchor cry
"Santa/Jesus, you're so white
Like the stars that shine at night"

Then all the gods embraced them
And scraped some samples of their skin
Santa and Baby Jesus
What's up with all that melanin?
Seriously, what's up with all that melanin?




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