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Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Dare She Suffer!

The comments currently being posted about this video are abusive, angry, bordering on cruel.  The mother who speaks is "an actress" 'someone who lies'  'doesn't even get the name right where she lives'.  As the mother of a child whose life was terminated by an assault weapon she is not supposed to share her emotions on camera, but so many of those commenting are utterly free to reveal anger at the drop of a hat.  Somehow it is exploitative to have this woman speak, but gun advocates can spew caustic bile without restraint.  Without empathy and compassion we are monsters.  The bullets shot at Sandy Hook tore human flesh as if it were cheap fabric, while cheap fabric is all that is left holding together a society that would rather protect the profits of gun merchants than children.  Note: when flooding comes, ants scurry to protect their young, carrying them away from danger.  In this respect, ants are vastly superior to mankind.  



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