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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Invisible Cold, Dead Hand of the Free Market

Potential editorial for Guns and Ammo?

"As a way of giving thanks for his enormous contribution to the NRA and gun manufacturers, a memorial honoring Newtown child killer Adam Lanza should be erected outside NRA headquarters in Washington, DC, the sooner the better.  While many have suggested that the pronounced increase in gun sales after the massacre was tied to fears about the nation's half white, half black president coming to take their guns away, it is only fitting that the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers themselves pay homage and construct a shrine commensurate with Mr. Lanza's contributions.  After all, it was his extermination of six adults and twenty children (and the murder of his mother immediately prior, with his suicide immediately after) that precipitated a tremendous uptick in profits, and put Wayne LaPierre's face on TV for all to gaze upon.  Perhaps a posthumous "Cold, Dead Hand" award should be given at a graveside ceremony, reminding all of the benefits of the free market in times of stress and anger.  The stockholders should insist on nothing less!



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