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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Just Couldn't Go

a wizard made the coffee
a saint whipped up some eggs
a shaman from the hinterlands
served beer from magic kegs

there was vodka from arabia
jinn danced upon the rim
there were artifacts of mountebanks
looking very grim

i shook loose from the orchestra
and stumbled to the edge
if i could cry in sorrow
i might just stay off the ledge
but i couldn't go
i just couldn't go
i just couldn't go
no, no

i heard the jangling of the janitor
his keys were made of fire
he turned the locks down by the docks
and tied me up with wire

i fell down to the bottom deck
inside the mystery ship
we sailed out of a nightmare
and took a little trip
but i couldn't go
i just couldn't go
i just couldn't go
no, no

there were little pills of energy
that lit the night fantastic
i broke out of my prison cell
'cuz i was made of plastic

i jumped into the ocean
and smoked clouds upon the sea
i never could remember
what had become of me
but then was not the time to fix
the errors of my ways
i fell upon a glowing beach
and shook my fists at waves
because I couldn't go
i just couldn't go
no, no, no



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