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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

To Keep Alive, or Not Keep Alive

He can barely walk a few steps without falling over.

Look at that picture!

He is incontinent.

But look at that picture!

He barks and barks and barks.

Look at that picture!

We can't go anywhere for very long because he needs special care.

Just look at that picture!

Lifting him up to walk him outside is destroying our backs.

Isn't he adorable, with his stuffed cow buddy!

The only way he can sleep through the night is if we give him codeine.

Look at that picture!

We've spent almost $10,000.00 on him--he was a street rescue! It was money we didn't have!

Look at that picture!

We have a bunch of dogs and cats--he is dominating our time and attention.

Look at the goddamn picture!

He is a living, breathing, feeling, sentient being. He still has an appetite. He still nods his head if you scratch his ears. His pain does not exceed his pleasure. He lives.



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