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Friday, October 01, 2010

The Opinuary Column

Bless the Little Children
Keep them Round and Clean
Show them what's Acceptable
And Say just What you Mean!
The time is right to Ladle Them
With stories from the Right
Jack may Chop a Beanstalk
But it's Taxes that we Fight!

If the March Hare comes along
Fretting about Time
Disabuse the Rodent Thus:
Why, Democracy's a Crime!
The few are being Punished
For the Billions that they've Made!
They are the Backbone of the State
They're how Dross and Dreck get Paid!
Why on Earth should They Give More
Little Children, do be Brave
You must Know, Within your Bones
The Rich Must Now Be Saved!

Come to the Tea Party! dear, dear Ones
Come eat Cookies and Drink Punch
If you will do a Kindness There
We may just give you Lunch!
Oh, tell your Friends, bring them All!
A Nation will be Proud
You are the Army of the Rich
It's Time you Sang out Loud:

"Banish all the Socialists!
The Lazy Health Care Fiends!
Vote against your Interests
Give us your Magic Beans!
Keep God and Country Uppermost
And hang on to your Purity!
It may just come in Handy
When you've lost Social Security!
Remember that the War is Good
Whichever War is Going
Debt that comes from Killing Others
Is like the Wind that's Blowing"

The Mad Hatter and the Dormouse
And the March Hare all Agreed
They had drunk from all the Cups
It was Time to take a Pee
But just when they were Ready
With Pantaloons Unclasped
They found their Reach Exceeded
The Thing they call Their Grasp
And Bladders cannot hold Forever
No Matter what your Stance
Tea Parties start with Laughter
By the End You've Pissed Your Pants


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