Mortaljive: The Rest is Silence

There is no still point in all the Universe, and that is the rock upon which I stand

Sunday, June 20, 2010


the trees are the father
the towering presence
daddy coming down the hall
all his gnarled roots unhinged
come to remind me of the fall
come to remind one and all
i was waiting for the sun
but the sun doesn't come here anymore

the earth holds so many things
i am growing words in my head
but language cannot dive into the soil
we aren't growing words anymore
just lifeless seeds and worry beads
here beneath the towering trees
against the charcoal sky
the earth holds so many things

so long ago
what part of me was poured out?
on certain days the question rides on stallions
rearing up, immense, and kicks my head
and nothing sweet remains
the father, the mother
the ancient play
and then the darkest night, nothing

the opening of the heart
has let the bitter cold back in
and me without the fire
i pick among the remains
beneath the towering trees
looking for the artifacts of me
the horses linger at the edge of the circle
i am still and see them barely

the promise of the ride into the mist
the coming gallop and the roar of life
i am breaking camp, pouring water
on the faintest embers in the ring
i am walking to the horses
i am close among them
the soft stamp of their feet
the nod of their heads
i feel their breath on my heart
as i stand among the shadows
beneath the towering trees



At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really fine stuff. I'm moved.



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