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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ode to the Late Kitty Ming Ling

it was never gonna be easy
it was never gonna be sweet
when stars fall down from heaven
there are lots of broken feet
and so it is with KM Ling
whose end was foul and cruel
a dog whose breath oft smelled of death
who was in fact a jewel

a mad dog of the mean streets
a pixie made of trash
one eye had vanished long ago
his jaw it had been smashed
he yelped and yapped and raised a fuss
a tiny Vulcan to his Venus
you knew that he enjoyed your dog
by the way he licked his penis

he should have lived forever
he should be yapping still
so tonight i bow in sorrow
his loss a bitter pill
love is not a poster
or some advertiser's dream
some photoshopped perfection
or some wicked little scheme
no, love is Kitty Ming Ling
loud and strange and torn
he's running with the gods now
trying to get in their shorts


Gonna miss you, Mr. Ling. I already do.




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