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Friday, May 09, 2008

Yeah, Blogging Sucks Too

I do not trust the media
the news affects their stocks
they're objective as your gonads
when they've been hit by rocks
they yammer on like salesmen
trying to close a deal
they'll rob you of your intellect
and try to cop a feel

I've had it with religion
the place where spirit dies
so much truth and wonder
caught in all those lies
whoever tries to tell you
there's only one true path
ain't never walked in wonder
nor heard an angel laugh

I'm tired of the bloggers
who came to save the day
as soon as they get popular
I don't care what they say
I must confess a simple truth
I too have blogged a bit
no longer so full of myself
but still quite full of shit

corporations suck the worst
they're great at sucktitude
the bottom line is paramount
to say otherwise is rude
I have never seen a thing
in this land of brave and free
where so many damn people
kill their humanity

but then I'll go out walking
in a forest or by the sea
I'll see the way the light falls
or feel a cleansing breeze
snow and rain and thunder
lightning, heat and hail
all of them are wondrous
and none of them can fail

to hell with all the blather
using words to fight off fear
just live your life beyond the pale
try to listen when you hear
for this thing that we call life
is far beyond critique
after you have chased your tail
lift the veil and take a peek



At 5:42 PM, Blogger kelley b. said...

Still, one is glad the bard still feels the need for rhymthm.


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