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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Song For Michael Savage

It's just appropriate, that's all.

i remember ronald reagan, covered in bleu cheese
served upon the whitest rice that you will ever see
i kind of miss strom thurmond, who loved both white and black
his mouth was a pure racist but his dick could not hold back

i remember laura bush, who killed a man one night
she drove right through a stop sign and blew him out of sight
hey, tony snow had cancer, man was that a laugh
cancer's fucking funny, just like a heart attack

i remember that some soldiers died in vietnam
what a time that was, man but it was grand
let's all dance and sing along, it's so much fun to play
soldiers home in boxes from lands so far away

bush has told a joke or two, with his smirking smile
i hope that he can manage it when he is put on trial
tens of thousands dead now, thousands more destroyed
the future he has pushed off the cliff and right into the void

yeah, this is so funny, yeah, this is so grand
our country has its pundits, who really take a stand
the jokes just write themselves, so easy is the game
just spit out all your bile and the angels hide in shame



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