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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Drinking With the Gods

Jesus Had a Coffee

Jesus had a coffee
Krishna drank a soda
Apollo had an Ovaltine
Brought to him by Yoda

Mohammed sipped an Evian
While Buddha stirred his tea
Quetzalcoatl snuck a bottle
Into eternity

Osiris had a virus
And slurped down chicken soup
Yahweh guzzled prune juice
Then he had to take a poop

Satan frowned at decaf
Zarathustra cracked a beer
The Nordic Gods just gave a nod
And schnapps came out their ears

Ganesh quaffed an absinthe
Black Crow did slurp shaved ice
The Holy Spirit commandeered it
He wasn’t very nice

Kalipadma guzzled cider
Moses ordered port
When the bill came to the table
They ran a little short…


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