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Monday, March 19, 2007

Los Angeles Iraq War Protest Photo Essay Part II

This too is America


As promised, here are some more images taken at the Hollywood, California "Stop the War Protest" held March 17th, 2007--yes, this too is America...

George looks blueish

Little George wore Hot Pants

Big George wore a smirk

Latinos For Peace sported a banner

Tricky Dick displayed his trademark Victory signs

A man with long hair and a goatee showed off his patriotism

The teeming hordes, dressed in casual attire, carried signs and marched while many other citizens, perhaps tricked out in more formal wear, went to the beach or the mountains or the mall or...

Many, many cameras were put to use during the protest

A wide variety of signage was employed

Martin Sheen agreed to be interviewed

Actually, Martin Sheen spoke with a lot of people, people who wanted to speak with him

The march turned south from Hollywood Blvd. and continued down to Sunset Blvd., then headed west before making a right north to Hollywood & Highland

No, they wouldn't dare...

Thousands of people somehow managing to cooperate for a greater good

Dirty Fucking Commie Hippy Peace Sign

This guy was there with his wife...I was surprised that Cheney's staff hadn't outed them yet

It's a Great Big Brotherhood of Man! Erm, there were a couple of so-called
"Counter Protestors" across the street...dressed casually, I might add

I have to send this one to General JC Christian!

Oh, sure, as if Jesus stood for peace and love...

Defiance in the face of mendacity is no vice

The Peace Alliance

Thanks for dropping good to people and the planet and the animals and the air and the water and the sky and the moon and the stars: take action, join in, tat tvam asi...



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