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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Los Angeles Iraq War Protest Photo Essay

Martin Sheen puts his heart where his shoulder is...

I went to the Iraq War Protest in Hollywood on Saturday, March 17th (an intoxicated tip of the intoxicated cap to our Irish friends) and took a bunch of pictures. Four years ago I marched in Downtown Los Angeles (in pouring rain) to protest the coming war—millions of us across the planet were making our voices heard, but the War Lobby won and subsequently thousands of Iraqis and Americans, Brits and Name Your Favorite Coalition Casualty Here have died, been maimed, made insane or left to blame as this hideous occupation heads into its fifth year...

Am I bitter about these awful events? Fuck no. I buried my bitterness, along with that greasy sack of Respect for Republicans, in a vast, sucking hole at the center of the Universe. Now I am witness.

I arrived at the storied corner of Hollywood & Vine about half an hour before the official protest began…

War wouldn’t be War without thanking someone for the memories…

Young folks joined in

Some even younger

The Hard Hat crowd was represented

Nothing spells Patriotism better than a bucket of blood!

Forget about Jesus on a tortilla: How about Che on a sarape?

Some protestors questioned the truthiness of Dear Leader

The New Gargoyles

Cardboard coffins are prepped to remind us of the war’s grim cost in human life…

One accountant-type sought to remind us of the financial cost of the war (he brings Robert Crumb to my perfervid mind...)

The police were on hand, bikes at the ready

Three Bomb Squad rigs showed up for reasons unknown

Corpus Delicti, a self-described “…Los Angeles based performance company born out of the historical mass movement to oppose U.S. Empire” showed up and added a surreal, ghostly tone to the whole affair

Part II of this Los Angeles Iraq War Protest Photo Essay will soon follow...



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