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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Big & Little Hands Are Near the Twelve

Was that the noon train, dear?

Here in the lands known as Just Another Division of Global Industries (formerly titled as The United States of America) it is fast approaching High Noon for our civil rights, for the environment, for a safe and sane approach to the Middle East specifically and international policy in general, for public and private accountability for actions that affect the general welfare, for transparency in government, for national & affordable healthcare for our nation's rising impoverished class (and what's left of the middle class to boot) and for the primacy of reason conjoined with decency to guide us to an intrepid reaffirmation of the wisdom and promise of what perhaps our greatest and most sorely tested president called "the better angels™ of our nature." Will we who value Progressive values leave the Hero all by his lonesome to face the baleful, bullying beasts of the Beltway, or will we take up the mantle of that profoundly shining promise of democracy and forge it anew?

Read Bob Somerby every day (or every chance you get, whichever has you reading more of him) for the forseeable future. The campaign game is on, and the "apparatus" is gearing up to slime its presumed opponents: if you're interested in Al Gore as a viable candidate in '08, best you get to gearing up as well. Read The Daily Howler for everything you've always wanted to know about Heathers and Hounds in the hallways of America. His archives alone have a wealth of "documented atrocities" that have been served up to slur and slime a man they fear--served up by the Pundit Class and billionaires who mictorate blood and oil and pay good money to keep their piss golden, viscous and flowing.

If you already read Somerby and agree that Gore's viability as a candidate is worth fighting for, then start fighting for him. When a false meme is repeated let those who repeat it know they are being watched. When a lie is uttered don't just cry foul, call the fucking police. Tell 'em a crime has been committed that threatens the continued viability of our nation. I don't know if Gore can right the ten thousand wrongs afflicting a world that needs good, intelligent, decent men and women to lead it--I just know that a majority of voting Americans were robbed in the 2000 election and we (I am admittedly speaking with a good deal of presumption for like-minded souls) want what was taken from us: the Office of the President of the United States to be occupied by Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Anything short of that will not suffice.


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