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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Has a Thing For Kids

the children of iraq, new orleans and lebanon celebrate their new champion, their new advocate, their new savior, the attorney general of the united states!

it has been said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundral--thank you for making children that important last refuge! perhaps, because of your love, others will notice that such children lived on this planet, for a time, almost in a dream of life...

thank you, alberto, for your love of children

the dead say goodbye to your love

the wounded crave your love

the violated grasp at your love

alberto: may the unremitting pain of torture visit you in the night, and fall like iron devils to the floor near your bed, again and again and again, falling on your floor, the agony, the screams, the madness, the hopeless misery of condemned men, night after night after night...the soul has no address, but can be found by the aggrieved in ether and doubt. alberto: thou art cursed, and the journeys of your ancestors have collapsed unto a dung heap. you cast your die with evil men, and found delight. is it not plain?--we will be rid of you. the children know this.



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