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Sunday, March 11, 2007

33 Percent Are Bent

if you believe that jesus rose
into the sky with all his toes
you are more likely to defend
the current war that’s without end
you also tend to never trust
scientists and calculus
a woman’s right to rule her womb
will surely send us all to doom
a living wage? the right to choose?
these are schemes hatched by the jews
global warming’s just a plot
to take away all that we’ve got
a steady thirty-five percent
support our phony president
take away the super-rich
and thirty-three percent still bitch

this group would mix the church and state
when all was lost they’d call it fate
a solid thirty-three percent
believe that hell is heaven sent
a group that sees such hocus-pocus
lacks a lens that stays in focus
but why the utter lack of faith
unless they fear their god’s a wraith?
for if their god is all they claim
then let it go, they’ve won the game
but does it seem they cannot trust
that there is heaven past the dust
and that this place resides eternal
in counterpoint to flames infernal?
this group must surely be so lost
that it cannot measure the cost
of giving up their sacred rights
so thieves can steal all that they might
to live, to die without reflection
doesn’t mean they pass inspection
for love of god is no free pass
to fall into the looking glass
and fail to see that down is up
whilst drinking kool-aid in the cup

now why, you wonder, such a lament
for this thirty-three percent
they will never loose their bonds
they stay a course laid out by cons
fodder for the fattest cats
who guide them to improve their stats
all I can say, and say it must:
many have died due to their trust
many have suffered, cried and bled
because of how these sheep are led
if the church and state are wed
the death of both is what is sped
and that is something I will fight
with words that echo in the night


Image by William Blake from here.



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Excellent and you covered it all.


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