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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top Ten Signs Your President Is A Chew Toy

President Bush just moments before being taken outside and buried in the White House lawn


#10.Visiting dignitary notices a high-pitched whistling sound when Bush exhales.

#9. The back of his head has deep puncture marks.

#8. Deep puncture marks to back of head make him look more distinguished.

#7. Conservative War Bloggers get all pissy when this subject is brought up.

#6. According to our contact in the White House Lab, much of the saliva on President's chin is "of unknown origin."

#5. Six years into his Holy Reign of Terror he remains very easy to clean.

#4. Price tag clearly visible behind left ear (which is laying on back porch).

#3. He can be carried just about anywhere in a small bag.

#2. A real human being wouldn't continue to send young men and women off to die in some bullshit war based on swamp gas and moonshine, so logically he must be a chew toy.

#1. His dog looks really sorry when he pukes him up.



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