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Monday, January 15, 2007

Send in the Spam

Lambert at Correntewire takes a look at the latest in the KSFO Hate Radio controversy. He then added an additional remark about an anonymous comment that has been astroturfed around a number of blogs which are addressing this story. Something clicked somewhere in me brainage (probably a synapse closing shop) and I wrote the following:

Send in the Spam
(thank you Stephen Sondheim)

Is it a glitch?
Is it unfair?
Spocko keeps track of the hate
Broadcast on air
Send in the Spam

Just astroturf?
Don't you smell bull?
Memes propagated in force
And yet so dull
Where is the Spam?
Send in the Spam

Just when I'd stopped trolling for whores
Finally knowing that wingnuts were largely just bores
Smiling and posting again with nary a care
Sure of my thoughts
No comments there

My words you'll parse
My words you'll smear
I thought that you'd toast what I post
Guess not, it's clear
But where is the Spam?
Quick, turf it with Spam
Hit enter, come here

Is it a glitch?
My words are jeered?
Losing my readers and yet
No payment is near?
Where is the Spam?
There ought to be Spam
And generic beer



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