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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Easter Among The Neocons

I'll take a couple stabs at this:

#1: the Egg is Democracy, the Rabbit is Fate, the Man is Leo Strauss and George W. Bush is the Little Girl--her pale dress is a vestige of The Old Morality. The Man told the Little Girl fanciful stories of Power, Treasures and a World that Was Hers for the Taking. Having stolen the Blue Egg, the Little Girl is dragged along by the theories of Strauss which take her only so far before they are overcome by the Reality of Fate. All the theoretical Straussian cant will not protect you from What Is. Bush got to carry the Blue Egg for about a minute and a half, but illegitimately. The Egg will be lost. He will cry and moan, and talk about Jesus; Strauss will find a new little girl to play with. And Jesus? He and Judas rule the antiquities market, as foretold in myth and legend.

#2: Iraq is the Egg, we stole it and now we're fucked.

Anyone else want to play?


The art ("Frohe Ostern") is by Michael Sowa, a favorite of mine. You can find his work here and here to name a couple locations...


Hat tip to Dan in Maryland for the Sowa reminder.


UPDATE: Digby looks at Billmon looks at Bush looks at Iran...looks at nuclear bombs.

What greater Rabbit hath a King
Then nasty bombs that go bling-bling?



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