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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Winning the Hearts and Minds

An unidentified man mourns over the bodies of family members reportedly killed in a U.S.-led raid Wednesday. (AP Photo)

From CNN

Those of us who have opposed the military action in Iraq are labeled as traitors, aiders and abetters to the terrorists. When we questioned and decided against supporting a war based on lies and barely veiled profit-mongering we were mocked, derided, dismissed. We are ignored, castigated, scolded, lectured to by those in power, by a media made more strident, more "bottom-line," more blurred in its role as the eyes and ears of the public. Faceless soldiers lie in fresh graves, limbless veterans ache in the nightmares of their lives, and still we turn the cameras to the callow ones who trumpet war, trumpet violence, trumpet the Global Empire of Borderless Profits.

Every day we trod along as poor people are sent off to kill or be killed in an endless and bitter cycle: good people do not always win, reason does not hold the field, and Compassion is nailed to the cross for the crime of seeing suffering and working to end it. Fuck every motherfucking asshole who supported this war blindly, without reflection, without giving their entire being to investigating its validity before vouchsafing its conception. We, the citizens and politicians of the United States are not moral. We are not blessed. We are not the angels of freedom. We are killers on the road and we are paving the world with flesh and blood.



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