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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


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On 9/19/05 11:46 PM, "FROM.PRINCE.T.DEMBO" wrote:

> Dear..
> I am prince Dembo,Son of late General Antonio Dembo the former Vice
> president
> of UNITA rebels in Angola.My father was the Chairman of Angolan
> Petroleum
> Monitoring Committee (APMC) 1992 to 2002. Sadly, he died after an injury
> sustained during the ambush on The UNITA rebel on 27th February 2002 where
> the President of UNITA,Dr. Jonas Savimbi was killed.
> As you might have known,
> Petroleum is the major revenue source in Angola (Southern Africa).
> My fathermade a lot of money through the job but could not invest the money
> immediatelyto avoid problem by the military government. He was able to save
> the sum
> of$12,000,000twelve Million United States Dollars). He deposited this sum with > a
> securityfirm in Dubai United Arab Emirte.
> The documents used in these depositions,together
> with the key of the safe,are with my mother.In my father's will, he instructed
> that this money must be invested overseas with the help of a foreigner who
> is reliable and trustworthy. So as to avoid problem by the federal government
> of Angola, since he was a general in the warm torn Angola, and could not
> have amassed such wealth legally. My mother and I have agreed to give 25%
> of the total sum to you while 70% will be for us then, the remaining 3%
> will be used to offset the bills incurred in the Course of the transfer
> while 2% will be for charity.
> The most important thing is to assist us to relocate
> to your country to live.However you are advised to reply me immediately
> and when I receive all your favorable reply you will be given all necessary
> details and documents and also send me your phone and fax number for
> easy communications.
> Regards,
>Prince T.Dembo

My response:

Good luck with all that money! I myself have just learned the trick of shitting quarters out of my asshole, and so appreciate a happy ending.


Image of quarters from here.



At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Alisa said...

Hello, I am reaching out to the Prince of Angola. I am an America Ambassador of Good Will. Please contact me at or 1-313-449-3052.
A'Lisa McKinney


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