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Monday, May 23, 2005


According to CNN, the parents of Pat Tillman are upset (here) In an interview with the Washington Post, Mary Tillman said:

"The military let him down. The administration let him down. It was a sign of disrespect. The fact that he was the ultimate team player and he watched his own men kill him is absolutely heartbreaking and tragic. The fact that they lied about it afterward is disgusting."

Do to a foul-up in the heat and (presumed) panic of battle, a high-profile soldier is killed by his own troops. Later, after dinner and cigars, military and political higher-ups decide to stick virtual electrodes into the story to animate the soldier's body to perform in a script more to their liking. We'll go back in time, adjust a few dials, and Presto! we have a winner!

And they claim to not like Hollywood! Pah! Oh, and this is how we treat our Patriots! Good thing he supported the military, or they might have pretended his death was from 'friendly fire.'



At 10:06 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Such a pity. I wonder if they cooked up the story to cover their asses or if they thought they were doing his family a favor by offering them some comfort in the belief that he died a "heroic" death.

What's more the pity is gorgeous Pat is gone and this guy lives:


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